JBL Intellivox - Axys

JBL Professional integreert Duran Audio Products.

HARMAN, het toonaangevende wereldwijde audio en infotainment bedrijf heeft in oktober 2013 het niet-beursgenoteerde Duran Audio BV overgenomen. De overname biedt HARMAN de toegang tot de innovatieve elektro-akoestische en softwarematige directivity controle technologieën, waaronder de succesvolle AXYS ® Intellivox lijn van “bestuurbare” zuilluidsprekers.

De AXYS producten en hun core-technologieën zullen een geïntegreerd onderdeel worden van de HARMAN Professionele audio productlijn.

The JBL PROFESSIONAL® Intellivox range
The JBL Professional Intellivox range is the perfect solution to one of the most difficult problems facing modern sound system designers - designing an intelligible sound reinforcement/public address system for a large reverberant space.

The Intellivox is a digitally controlled loudspeaker which focuses the sound where you want it, at the listener.


Toepassingen JBL Intellivox-Axys

INTELLIVOX DDC2.0 (Digital Directivity Control) - DC Family
DDC stands for Digital Directivity Control, the 2.0 represents that this is the second generation of Intellivox DDC products from JBL Professional. DDC is a multi-channel loudspeaker array technology where the single loudspeaker elements are positioned in space according to a patented algorithm.

DDC technology makes it possible to achieve even SPL coverage and high direct to reverberant ratio in an environment where you have a flat audience area.

INTELLIVOX DDS (Digital Directivity Synthesis) - DS - DSX Family
DDS gives users the power to synthesize any desired 3D radiation pattern from a loudspeaker array (within the physical constraints of a pre-defined array e.g. transducer distance, array length etc.) to meet the specific needs of the venue. DDS is based on a unique, specially adapted “constrained weighted least-squares” optimisation algorithm.
DDS technology makes it possible to produce the same outstanding results in the most complex of spaces.

DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) is a dedicated software tool that allows sound system designers to simulate and optimise the directional behaviour of the JBL Professional products.
DDA allows you to predict:
  • Direct SPL
  • Polar Responses
  • Direct to Reverberant Ratio*
  • Speech Intelligibility Index*
  • System Headroom
  • Direct Sound Frequency Response

Please contact Taco Jellema or Thierry Bivert (Belux) for more information or prices.




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