Install: AMS by Harman

Architectural media systems - BSS-Crown-HiQnet

It's all about the Experience,
Until today selling a Harman Professional premium installed sound solution required presenting HiQnetCrown and BSS brands;
this approach risked customers feeling our solutions were not as focussed as some of our competitors... that changes now!

On June 12th Harman Professional launched the 'Architectural Media Systems' web site and resources

This new focussed location brings all the elements together in one place whilst a new brochure provides a consolidated point of reference for your client to illustrate clearly how our best-in-class brands work together.

Architectural Media Systems is not a new brand but an umbrella that covers core products and services associated with a premium audio installation. The HiQnet, Crown and BSS sites will remain however some content such as certain software downloads will migrate to the new web site.



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