Ui24R Training videos

Soundcraft Ui24R tutorials

These videos include how to set-up the Ui24R with current DAW's, giving artists and bands the ability to use the Ui24R in the studio as a powerful audio recording interface as well as digital mixer in the practice room and live environment.


UI24R Creating some vocal FX (please listen in Stereo)   SOUNDCRAFT Ui24R Quick DAW setup   Soundcraft Ui24R Matrix Mix
Ui24R Creative some vocal FX
(please listen stereo)
  QuickDAW setup     Matrix Mix
Soundcraft Ui24R EQ Comp FX   Soundcraft Ui24R Shortcuts and multiple browsers   Soundcraft Ui24R Recording to USB stick
 Eq comp FX    Shortcuts an multiple browsers     Snapshots, shows, presets 
Soundcraft Ui24R Tutorial Snap shots, shows, presets   Soundcraft Ui24R Aux Send-EQ-AFS2   Soundcraft Ui24R Guitar Processing
 Aux send-EQ-AFS2    Complete mix session     Ui24R tutorial 4
Soundcraft Ui24R Online Tutorial 3   Soundcraft Ui24R Online Tutorial 2   Soundcraft Ui24R Online Tutorial 1
 Ui24R turorial 3    Ui24R tutorial 2    Ui24R tutorial 1 
    Recording to USB stick    
    Recording to USB stick     
    Guitar processing    
    Guitar processing     

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