Free Software Update

Free Software Update voor de Soundcraft Ui12 en Ui16.

Free Software Update voor de Soundcraft Ui12 en Ui16.

Ontdek nú alle nieuwe functies voor je Soundcraft Ui12 en Ui16 met de FREE FIRMWARE UPDATE!

Nieuw zijn onder andere: Stereo USB Recording op je Ui12, Sync ID en Microsoft EDGE ondersteuning.

Alle nieuwe features met laatste Firmware Soundcraft Ui Series:

  • ı Recording feature added to Ui12
  • ı Sync ID feature added (multiple browser windows staying in channel Sync)
  • ı Support for EDGE (latest Microsoft browser)
  • ı "MoreMe" Portrait Mode ON/OFF - On by default (Settings)
  • ı Working Enabled/Disabled broadcast SSID
  • ı Channel MUTE mutes Aux Sends as well in PFL mode
  • ı Global Pre-Fade Aux Send Point: Pre-Processing or Post-Processing, Post by default
  • ı AFS2 removed from SHOWS/SNAPS and now uses it's own preset manager
  • ı MAC Address visible in Network Settings
  • ı New Hard Lock (admin/pass) Access limitations system
  • ı Local user Settings presets feature in Settings
  • ı Reset Local user Settings to default feature in Settings

Download nú (gratis) je software update:
Ui16 (V1.0.5763) :
Ui12 (V1.0.5763) :

Bekijk de korte video voor nieuwe functies en verbeteringen




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