BSA médias choisit Vi1

BSA médias choisit pour Soundcraft Vi1

Lors de la création de sa société BSA Media au début de cette année, l'ingénieur du son Bart Schulz s'est donné pour objectif de livrer un son de haute qualité, mais à un prix accessible pour tout le monde. Il déclare encore les choses suivantes concernant la Soundcraft Vi1 :
"Notre Vi1 est utilisée au cours d'enregistrements et de productions comme console de mixage de sons « stand alone live » ou est combinée, par la carte optique MADI RS2426 intégrée, avec un module d’enregistrement multipiste de 19''. Il est toutefois encore possible de connecter le Stage Box à des modules de diffusion de 19'' pour effectuer des émissions en direct sur place. Grâce à cette flexibilité, BSA Media peut se distinguer dans ce marché de niche.

When Dutch sound engineer Bart Schulz set up his own company, BSAmedia, at the beginning of this year, his main goal was “to deliver a high standard of sound engineering and make high quality gear affordable for everyone.”

Having worked as a sound professional for 30 years — including live sound, studio and remote recording, live radio and TV broadcasts — he had latterly been training sound engineers while developing broadcast sets and studios in his native Utrecht.

Setting stringent standards of equipment specification, he purchased a Soundcraft Vi1 from the company’s Benelux distributors Audio XL to form the hub of a modular mobile unit — knowing that the brand would be familiar to a customer base comprising broadcasters, musicians, recording studios and theatres.

Supplied with Compact Stage Box, a MADI optical card and 100-metre Quad Fibre drum, the Vi1 replaces a previous 16-channel analogue live set-up.

“I can use this as a stand-alone unit for live sound, or combine the Vi1 with a 19” recording-module for remote recording and music production.” He said. “Alternatively I can connect the Vi1 and Stage Box with a set of 19” broadcast modules to do live broadcasts on location. It is perfect for the market niches that BSAmedia wishes to cater to.”

Bart Schulz has used Soundcraft consoles throughout his sound engineering career, and being active in broadcast is also very familiar with Studer. “The fact that the Vi1 is combining key elements of both brands made it BSAmedia’s ideal desk, suitable for all our activities.”

The reduced footprint of the Vi1 is also huge advantage — for two reasons: “Most of the time I work alone and cannot physically handle a big console, and secondly, most theatres and other locations where I intend to use my Vi1 are pretty small.”

But prior to making the decision Bart Schulz set out a wish list and surveyed the market options within his budget. He knew the desk needed to be both flexible and versatile — and then a sound engineer friend suggested he contacted Audio XL, who arranged a demo. “

“Some of the desks I had reviewed were very good for mixing music but missed broadcast features, and others were very good for broadcasting but unsuitable for music production. There was only one desk that was able to handle everything straight out of the box: — and that was the Soundcraft Vi1.

“It was of high quality, with a very good sound, packed with great effects and all the broadcast features like GPIO’s and intercom incorporated into a single package. It seemed like the ideal solution. Martin van Kouwen, at Audio XL answered any residual questions, and arranged delivery in double quick time.”

Although a newcomer to the Vi Series he says the platform is extremely easy to work with. “I got the Vi1 up and I had it up and running within the hour.”

Once he delved deeper into the Vi1’s attributes he was quickly impressed with the overall layout of the control-surface: “All functions are grouped logically, you instantly know were to look/grab. FaderGlow® is a useful addition.” He also highlights the layout and ease of use of the Vistonics screen, combined with the placement of the rotaries. “This makes for a straightforward approach — just as on an analogue desk — while it packs all the power and benefits of digital.” Finally he is impressed by the Gang Mode and Follow Output Solo Mode. “These speed up set-up and operation,” he notes.

“Now it’s time to discover all the extras that the desk’s software has to offer … such as snapshots, cues, I Pad remote etc.”

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